Serda Financial works with family owned businesses, closely held corporations, and affluent minded individuals in the following areas:

 Cash Flow Efficiencies
 Real Wealth Accumulation/Preservation
 Tax Favored Strategies
 Retirement Income Planning

One of Serda Financial's unique approaches is that we help people find money they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. We believe there is more opportunity to serve our clients by helping them avoid the losses in their financial plan, rather than by just picking better investments alone.
We will begin our process with getting to know you and your goals, to fact finding, to planning, and ultimately implementing solutions.
We believe in comprehensive financial planning and guarantee a very high standard of excellence, ethics, transparency, and creativity in our planning.

Erik Serda

Founder/Financial Consultant

Erik is the founder of Serda Financial Safe Money Concepts. He is not only a proponent of the strategy he discusses with his clients, but also a customer himself. Erik specializes in taking a visual educational approach with clients, boiling down complex financial strategies to simple sketches and stories that they can easily understand. He is also a endless student in the continually evolving subject of wealth creation/preservation.

In 1999, after having worked for two large financial companies, Erik saw that there was an internal conflict of interest by working for financial companies who had their own proprietary products. Erik eventually chose to leave the safety of his employment to venture into the independent field. Erik started an independent practice allowing him to pursue the strategies and/or products that will best fit their clients’ financial needs.

Erik is happily married to his beautiful bride Brandi, and has four children. 3 daughters and 1 son. Erik and his family love to go traveling, camping, fishing and spending lots of time at Disneyland.